Survival DAY is primarily an escape from the city, communing in beautiful nature with clean air. We want to try new things, discover passions, gain new skills and experiences. The program can be implemented in the: 1-day or 2-3-day version with accommodation in tents.


Forest, beautiful nature, away from the noise and hustle and bustle of cities. This is our place of action. The program is about acquiring skills, learning how to deal with a difficult situation, how to properly react in crisis situations , it also includes workshops and lectures and practical skills exercises such as first aid, field orientation …


  • classes are held in small groups of several people
  • there are dispensers with disinfectant liquid in the game implementation site
  • after each implementation, the equipment used for it is disinfected
  • program implemented in OUTDOOR version
max. number of participants: 30 playing time: approx. 5-7 hours

Price list


Up to 15 people



16-30 people


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