Scorelauf is a strategic field game that perfectly combines the elements of communication and planning. The program is played both in the field (park, forest) and in a roofed space (e.g. conference room, shelter). The game is implemented by dividing the participants into small work teams actively participating in solving the tasks. The goal of the teams is to create devices called ball separators, and the path leading to the goal is interesting and varied.


The title of the program is a bit abstract, the program itself is a hit! In the first part, we plan our activities and share tasks. The next part of the program is carrying out tasks in the field. There are usually a dozen of them, so there is a lot to choose from. It’s finally time for shopping, We get the money for the points gained in the field part. And finally the workshop part – we are building a ball separator!


  • classes are held in small groups of several people
  • there are dispensers with disinfectant liquid in the game implementation site
  • after each implementation, the equipment used for it is disinfected
  • program implemented in OUTDOOR version
max. number of participants: 50 playing time: approx. 3-4 hours

Price list


Up to 30 people



31-50 people


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