Geocaching is a field game with the use of maps, compasses, GPS and other often unusual props. The goal of the game is to find all points hidden in the terrain by each group and collect the “tracks” leading to the final cache containing a symbolic reward for each of the seekers.


Participants are divided into groups and then receive a starter package, i.e. geocaching cards with puzzling hints and GPS bearings, a terrain map and a measuring device / compass, GPS /. The introduction includes, but is not limited to . a short learning of navigation and an explanation of the rules of the game. Cards from the starter pack imitate real geocaching cards, i.e. they contain a description of the cache type, location type, or hints for the seekers, and the history of the cache location, which is never accidental. Teams use this information to find hiding places and solve tasks. The game can be implemented both in urban and forest conditions.


  • classes are held in small groups of several people
  • there are dispensers with disinfectant liquid in the game implementation site
  • after each implementation, the equipment used for it is disinfected
  • program implemented in OUTDOOR version
max. number of participants: 50 playing time: approx. 3-4 hours

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Up to 30 people



31-50 people


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