A field game based on the unique charm of the Błędowska Desert or the Siedlce Desert. The program is a form of a off-road rally crossing the desert, finished with a barbecue or a snack among the sands of the only sandy desert in Europe.



The program consists of several stages – bases that participants go through alternately divided into platoons. We propose a division into platoons of several people. The nature of the activities is diverse – participants face new challenges, everyone also has the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths.

Sample tasks:
– minefield
– movable bridge
– transport of the wounded
– navigation with a map
– crossing the river

Each participant is provided with a protective suit – pants and a camo sweatshirt. Costumes are handed over at an agreed time after the participants arrive at the venue


  • classes are held in small groups of several people
  • there are dispensers with disinfectant liquid in the game implementation site
  • after each implementation, the equipment used for it is disinfected
  • program implemented in OUTDOOR version
max. number of participants: 50 playing time: approx. 3-4 hours

Price list


Up to 30 people



31-50 people


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