It is a escape game game carried out in a specially prepared, pneumatic tent. The scenery, lighting and performance of the game are amazing, and the puzzles are very diverse and surprise the players. The game is dedicated to corporate groups , it is perfect for picnics, company meetings. You can pursue the topic both inside the building and in the open air. The game takes about 30 minutes. the time it takes to re-prepare the game is 5 minutes.


The spacecraft launched the crew into orbit around the Earth. Meanwhile, space-time warped, and the crew levitating through space landed somewhere far from Earth, in a completely unknown location. The crew faces a mission to return to earth.


  • we create max. 5-person groups
  • after each game, the dome tent where the implementation takes place is thoroughly aired and disinfected
  • there are dispensers with disinfectant liquid in the game implementation site
  • possibility to implement the game in the form of OUTDOOR
max. number of participants in one game: 5 playing time: approx. 45 minutes

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4 Games



6 Games


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